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Prof. Abdou Mahdy Mohamed Mahdy :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
Integrated Control of peanut fruit rot diseases and their side effects on the biological activities in soil Completed
3) Assessment And Control of Sesame Seed-Borne Fungi In Egypt Deiaa Abdel Fattah Mohamed EL-WakiL Completed
8) Studies on protection and preservation of wood archaeological furniture against mould fungi Maisa Mohammad Ali Mohammad Mansour Completed
10) Inducing systemic resistance against some tomato virus diseases Eman Shahwan Moheb El-Din Shahwan Completed
13) Studies on Streptomycetes causing potato common scab in Egypt. Omnia Ahmed Abd-El-Hafez Mohamed In Progress
14) Studies on potato rot disease caused by Ralostonia solanacearum. Ahmed Ali Badr Completed
15) Biological control of strawberry fruit –rots. Tamer Abdel-Azeem Lotfi Ahmed In Progress
18) Pathological studies on die-back disease of mango and its control. Mabrouk Sayed Sayed Hassan In Progress
PathologicaI study on bacterial canker and wilt disease on mango. Ahmed Abd El-Hady El-Siesy Completed
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