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Sulphadimidine suppresses major histocompatibility complex (MHC) expression in broiler chicken.
Authors: 22. A. El-Mahmoudy, M. E. Mahmoud, M. Draid, A. El-Magdoub and S. Awidat.
Year: 2012
Keywords: B-cells, broiler chickens, bursa of fabricius, Major Histocompatibility Complex Class II (MHC-II), sulphadimidine
Journal: British Journal Pharmacology Toxicology
Volume: 3
Issue: 3
Pages: 135-139.
Publisher: MAXWELL Scientific Publication Corp.
Local/International: International
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The present study aimed at evaluation of the immuomodulatory effect of sulphadimidine by investigating its ability to affect constitutive expression of MHC-II molecules on B-cells, which are one determinant of antigen presentation and the vigor of immunity. Three groups of broiler chicken were used, the first two groups received 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg sulfadimidine, respectively, in drinking water; while the third group was left as control. Bursal samples were taken after 7 and 14 days of treatment and checked for MHC-II gene expression by RT-PCR technique. The obtained results demonstrate that oral administration of sulphadimidine inhibited the expression of MHC-II mRNA in bursal of Fabricius of broiler chicken in a dose and age dependent manner. This finding is of clinical importance as many farmers routinely add sulpha drugs to drinking water as a prophylactic measure against some infections; yet the data presented in this study doesn't recommend this managing behavior.

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