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Design of X-Band Power Amplifier for LEO Satellite Transmitter
Authors: Islam Mansour ,Hadia Elhennawy , Adly S.Tag Eldien
Year: 2015
Keywords: low earth orbit; X-band; power amplifiers; PHEMT; inductive degeneration; LPF
Journal: Microwave and Optical Technology Letters >
Volume: Vol 57
Issue: Issue 4
Pages: 860-865
Publisher: Wiley periodicals
Local/International: International
Paper Link: Not Available
Full paper adly Shahat Mergany tag eldien_Microwave and Optical Technology Letters.pdf
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The design of a three-stage X-band power amplifier (PA) is presented in this article. The amplifier is realized using an ATF-38143 low noise PHEMT FET. The proposed PA achieves 17–18.3 dB power gain, a good input matching (S11

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