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Measuring Sponsorship Return on Investment (ROI) for Sponsors in the field of sport in Egypt
Authors: Dr. Ahmed Fathy Husain Alafandi
Year: 2014
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Research Importance: This research is very important for sponsors and sponsees as well, the importance of sponsorship ROI research for sponsors is to make better strategic sponsorship decisions and also to achieve sales, financial and non-financial targets, as well as to negotiate rights acquisition fees and set activation budgets, moreover, it is crucial to deliver long-term brand equity and value. On the other hand, for properties and rights holders too, there are important benefits from sponsorship ROI measurement and evaluation research such as justifying healthy rights fees in order to have better understanding and work with brand sponsors, also to expand the pool of brands who can use sponsorship effectively, as well as to make better strategic sponsorship decisions in order to renew sponsorship partnerships successfully. Generally, properties that can show they deliver for brands will continue to be successful attracting sponsors. Aim: The current research aims to identify and analyze the sponsorship return on investment ROI for sponsors in the field of sport in Egypt through the eyes of those who invest in the Egyptian sport property (sponsors) and those that are hold the brand and sponsorship (sponsees) and also those who used to play a mediating role (sport marketing agencies) which impacting the sport sponsorship in Egypt to encourage them to spend more money and increase their sponsorship programs/activities toward Egyptian sport.

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