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Prof. Ahmed Ahmed Rezk El_Said Atawia :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Studies on cytological behaviour in relation to fertility and fruiting in some orange cultivars. Completed
Physiological studies on seeds dormancy of some decidous fruit species Completed
Studies on mineral fertilization of guava. trees. Completed
Trials to perpetuate some fruit species Completed
Response of some fruit seedlings inoculation with Macorrhizae fungi Completed
Physiological studies on flowering and fruiting of olive Completed
The effect of soil management system on vegetative growth, yield and fruit quality of apple trees grownup new reclaimed soils Completed
Effect of some growth regulator sprays on growth, flowering , fruiting and fruit quality of apple fruits. Completed
Effect of fantitran piration materials on Apricot trees grown under water stress conditions Completed
Genetical and physiological studies on some olive cultivars. Completed
Physiological and histological studies on propagation of some olive cultivars. Completed
Studies on prolonging storage life of date palm fruits. Completed
Physiological studies on growth and seed yield of some citrus root stocks. Completed
Taxonomical studies on some cultivated orange cultivars in Egypt Completed
Response of Balady mandarin trees to foliar application with active yeast and some microelements. Completed
Physiological studies on papaya trans plants. In Progress
Physiological studies on propagation of some fruit cultinars In Progress
Effect of some irrigation treatments on growth and chemical comp sition of Almond trans plants In Progress
Physiological studies on some citrus cultivars. In Progress
Physiological studies on nutrition of Baldly mandarin trees. In Progress
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