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Optimization of stepped conical swirler with multiple jets for pre-mixed turbulent swirl flames
Authors: Ibrahim Shahin ⇑, Ismail M.M. Elsemary, Ahmed A. Abdel-Rehim, Ahmed A.A. Attia, Khairy H. Elnagar
Year: 2016
Keywords: Stepped conical swirler Jet angle Pre-mixed combustion
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In the following numerical simulations and experimental work had been used to optimize a new stepped conical swirler that used in lean pre-mixed combustion process. Three dimensional computational models were built-up to solve the swirling reacting flow and experimental setup was used to validate this model. Several jet swirl angles were studied so that the developed flow structure varied as a consequence of changing the swirler geometry. New swirl flow structures were identified and analyzed. The velocity and temperature distribution after the swirl plate were presented for jet angles changed from 0 to 25 with step equal to 5. The numerical model results give good agreement with the experimental results. Well defined large swirl structures were shown by results and it is highly depend on the jet swirl angle. The conclusion is that the jet swirl angles have a big effect not only on the temperature distribution but also on the pressure drop across the swirler. The Swirl plat with jet angle from 10 to 15 gives the most uniform temperature distribution and also the minimum pressure drop across the swirler.

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