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تأثير تدريبات العتبة الفارقة اللاهوائية على بعض المتغيرات الفسيولوجية ومستوى الإنجاز الرقمي لناشئى 110 متر/حواجز
Authors: احمد فاروق احمد إبراهيم
Year: 2010
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The problem of Search The search for improved physical performance never ends, especially in athletes who seek to improve their performance in any legal way possible in the hope of getting to high levels through increasing their ability to withstand the intensity of training. As the reliance on advanced science help us to improve performance levels consistent with the higher level of competition and high pressure due to the high numeric levels being a way to show the scientific progress of countries It is through the experience of the researcher in the field of athletics as a player and coach and In the academic field, he noticed The decline in 110-meter hurdles players performance during the training and the inability of some of them to keep training for long periods, which leads to loss of large quantities of water add to that fatigue tears and cramping . in most cases Egyptian player suffers from muscle fatigue at the beginning of the race so that he can not complete the race as quickly as it started, and it is difficult for him to complete the race distance with the same level of competence or effectiveness. In this regard, Bahaa al-Din Salama (1994) pointed to the increase in blood viscosity as a result of athletic training for long periods which goes up to (65%), and high concentration of lactic acid when training, especially endurance training. When comparing athletics championships at the local and international levels the researcher noted the decline in numeric level of local 110 m / barriers players.

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