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Dr. Ahmed Nabil Omer Ramadan :: Publications:

برنامج ترويحى لاستخدام بعض أنشطة المنازلات لدمج المعاقين سمعيا مع أقرانهم من الاسوياء
Authors: dr.ahmed nabil omar
Year: 2010
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Prof. Dr. Osama Salah Foad Research objective : The aim of this study was to identify the impact of the training myself to develop some mental skills I have to karate players in terms of some physiological indicators. Research Methodology : Researcher used the experimental method using a single set by Indices tribal distance so as to appropriateness of the nature of the search. Research sample: Research sample was selected in the manner of intentional players Karate phase Sunni (14) years and was strong (25) Member has been divided as follows (20) represent an emerging pilot study was divided into two groups of equal strength of the same group (10) Young, one distinct group (who have a belt Dan) and other non-privileged (who belts Q) for a distinction between truth in a variable measure of psychological skills of the players and karate (5) Young, representing the baseline study. The most important results : The researcher through the application of psychological skills program to an improvement in these skills (relaxation - mental vision - to focus attention - self-confidence - achievement motivation - the ability to address the concern) as well as improvement in the skill level of performance (kata) as well as improvement in the physiological indicators (heart rate heart - blood pressure - brain power).

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