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Denkstein des Königs Amenophis II. aus der Oase Baharija
Authors: John M. Iskander / Ahmed Said Nassef
Year: 2020
Keywords: Bahariya Oasis - Apries -el-Qasr - Amenophis .
Journal: Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur, (SAK )
Volume: 49
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 63-71
Publisher: Studien zur Altägyptischen Kultur, (SAK )
Local/International: Local
Paper Link:
Full paper Not Available
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Since publishing the work of Ahmed Fakhry on the Bahariya Oasis long time ago, no work has been done in the site of Apries’ Temple at el-Qasr, till the excavations conducted by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities at the Fall of 2015. The work revealed part of the Temple to the east of the formerly known chapel. A stela of Amenophis II, reused as a lintel, has been discovered there. It carries a scene of smiting the enemies together with a rhetorical text mentioning the coming of asiatic princes from Naharin to the presence of the king in order to show his mighty powers.

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