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Six unusual Boats from Tell Awlad Dawood in the Nile Delta
Authors: Ahmed Said Nassef & Ehab Gamil Abd El-Krim
Year: 2021
Keywords: Tell Awlad Dawood; Naqada III; Protodynastic; early dynastic; pottery
Journal: Journal of the General Union of Arab Archaeologists
Volume: 6
Issue: 2
Pages: 1-24
Publisher: Journal of the General Union of Arab Archaeologists
Local/International: Local
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Full paper Ahmed saed nasef_SIX UNUSUAL BOATS FROM TELL AWLAD DAWOOD.pdf
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Tell Awlad Dawood is a Predynastic and Early Dynastic settlement located in Sharqiya Province. The site is a small Tell. It has been occupied from the beginning of the 4th millennium BC to the Late Period, but its main occupation took place during the Predynastic and Early Dynastic times. The site of Tell Awlad Dawood in the eastern Nile Delta has been the focus of excavation since 1978. Until 1997, main discoveries made to date at the site were: some buildings, bowls, platters and vats, ovoid and globular pots, large pots with wide opening, jars, some lithic industry, and six pottery boats. The current paper is concerned with the study and publication of Six Unusual Boats which were discovered in Tell Awlad Dawood in 1997. The six boats are made of pottery, particularly of Nile Clay, and the used shaping technology is handmade. The research has proved that these boats are dated to Naqada IID2 or Beginning of Naqada III A-B at the latest from Late Chalcolithic to Proto-Dynastic period (3600- 3300 BC) according to division of relative chronology of Naqada culture by S. Hendrickx. All of the six boats are currently housed in the Grand Egyptian Museum magazine in Cairo.

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