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Dr. Ahmed Shalaby :: External Links:

This page provides the service of adding favorite links of faculty member in the various fields. This feature assists in facilitating the access to such links.
ICPC - Juniors Training Road Map (Arabic)
جيل الشباب ... المعاناة
Improve you English ... audio books
Motivation: جيل الألفية - سيمون سينك
What If Money Was No Object? - Alan Watts
awesome Tech : Michi Yamamoto Channel
BBC Learning English
Past, Present, and Future of Computer Architecture
Learn any language!
Try to understand and Improve your English: Surah al-Kahf (in-depth) Tafsir
History of computers | تاريخ الكمبيوتر
History of Operating Systems | تاريخ أنظمة التشغيل
Longman 3000 Words List Pronunciation
Longman Communication 3000 Words
Speak English: English Coach Chad
IEEE Spectrum Magazine
MIT Technology Review
zAmericanEnglish - Channel
50 years of Computer Architecture- by David Patterson
ملخص كتاب : 12 قاعدة للحياة - جوردن بيترسون
Silicon Run : manufacture microchips
يابانية اعتنقت الإسلام وتطرح أسئلة جميلة
أول منصة عربية متخصصة في التحديات البرمجية
Calculus - anaHr
The Now Habit - عادة الإنجاز
The astounding athletic power of quadcopters
Participate: Open Source Projects
2017 Code Jam World Finals in Dublin, Ireland - Highlight
Valeo Challenge !
Become an FPGA Designer in 4 Hours
NTL: Big Data Science Workshop
Online Courses
اختبار الشخصية _ وصف واقعي دقيق لمن تكون
Practice coding. Compete. Find jobs.
How do they make Silicon Wafers and Computer Chips?
The Development Channel : FPGA and Embedded System
Google Code Jam !
Digilent Design Contest
CMU | Intro to Database Systems
MIT | 18.06 | Undergraduate Linear Algebra
Xilinx Open Hardware Contest
Intel-FPGA Design Contests - Altera
ميكاتو - Electronics Shop - Benha
How to Make it Through Calculus (Neil Tyson)
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