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Colorimetric microdetermination of captopril in pure form and in pharmaceutical formulations.
Authors: S.A. Shama, A.S. Amin, H. Omara
Year: 2006
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A simple, rapid, accurate, precise and sensitive colorimetric method for the determination of captopril (CAP) in bulk sample and in dosage forms is described. The method is based on oxidation of the drug by potassium permanganate in acidic medium and determination of the unreacted oxidant by measuring the decrease in absorbance for five different dyes; methylene blue (MB); acid blue 74 (AB), acid red 73 (AR), amaranth dye (AM) and acid orange 7 (AO) at a suitable λmax (660, 610, 510, 520, and 485 nm), respectively. Regression analysis of Beer's plots showed good correlation in the concentration ranges (0.4–12.5, 0.3–10, 0.5–11, 0.4–8.3 and 0.5–9.3 μg ml−1), respectively. The apparent molar absorbtivity, Sandell sensitivity, detection and quantitation limits were calculated. For more accurate results, Ringbom optimum concentration ranges were 0.5–12, 0.5–9.6, 0.6–10.5, 0.5–8.0 and 0.7–9.0 μg ml−1, respectively. The validity of the proposed method was tested by analyzing in pure and dosage forms containing CAP whether alone or in combination with hydrochlorothiazide. Statistical analysis of the results reflects that the proposed procedures are precise, accurate and easily applicable for the determination of CAP in pure form and in pharmaceutical preparations. Also, the stability constant was determined and the free energy change was calculated potentiometrically.

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