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Prof. Alaa El Din Abdel Aziz Al-Talees :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Role of antioxidant vitamins C&E on experimentally induced gastric ulcer completed
Study of the effects of estrogen on testicular function in rats completed
Effect of folic acid and homocystine on induced myocardial infarction with isoprinaline completed
The effect of adrenocortical hormones on prolactin secretion under basal and stress conditions completed
Possible effects of electromagnetic waves on testicular function completed
Study the effect of folic acid and homocysteine precursor on isoprenaline induced myocardial infarction
Role of antioxidants in myocardial ischemia completed
The role of anti-oxidant vitamins on induced gastric injury in rats completed
The role of endogenous estrogens on testicular function in adult male rats. completed
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