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Components of some sorghum mutatant lines as affected by nitrogen fertilizer under saline conditions
Authors: A.A. El-Hosary: El. Shokr: M.A.T. Hegab and S.A. Omar
Year: 1995
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‘Two succesive experiments were carried out at desert research center agricultural experimental station at wadi sudr (South sinai. Salinity of experimental soil and water used in irrigation were 6131, 4953 and 7989, 4690 ppm for the first and second seasons, respectively. The levels of nitrugesi frriils:er used were 30. 60, 90 and 15, 30. 45 kg .Vfed. En lise’ first ei,id second seasons, respectively. The rL’$U Ils indicated tisai increusin,’ nitrogen fe’rt,ls:er front 30 iv 90 kg N fed. in first season decreased p/usa heigٌl, fresh and lrv weighi of stem, forage yield, and grasis yield hut increasilig frog’ss feridli:er from 30 kg Nifed lo 60 kg N fed. increased n perceisi and tolal carbohydrate in stem, leaves, and On the other hand. 30 kg Nfed gave highest pluni siens dianscier, fresh and dry weighi of lea ves and stem. grout weight in secoisd season. AI two seasons, mutant line No. 15 had the highest stem Jiame ter, fresh and dry weight of lea ve c and stem, leaf area grain yield, total carbohydrate perceit: and ash percent.

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