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Studies on Combining Ability and Heterosis in Maize (Zea mays, L)
Authors: A.A. El-Hosary, G.A. Sary and AA. Abd El-Sattar
Year: 1990
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A complete diallel csoss analysis among eight inbred lines anti Pioneer 514 were evaluated in two planting dates (early and late) for tasseling date, Silking date plant heihIt, ear height and leal area. Data were ganetically analysed by the procedures developed by Griffing (1956). Planiing date mean squares were highly significant for all attributes Genctypes mean squares re ached the significance level of probality for ail traits. Appre ciable genotype by planting date interacUo were detectei for all traits except eat area. Significantly positive co relaThion codtficjnnt values between nitd-porenf values and F1 mean values obtained for, tasseling date, plant height, ear height and leal area. The mean squares associated with general GCA and specific SCA comibining abilities were highly signifie in all traits, High rations which largely exceed the unity were obtained in all trai’ts except plant height, indicating that the largest part of the tَtai genetic variability associated with those traits was resait of additive and additive by additive gene action. Significant reciprocal SCA mean squares were obtained for, tasseling date, ear and plant height. Significant GCA and SCA by planting dates mean squares were lobtialined in all traits. Bdth inbred lines Rg10 and K64 expressed the best combiners for Silking and tasseling dates, and plant and ear heights. While, both inbred lines G, 444 and G. 227 B seemed to be the best Oombiners for leaf area. The crosses (1 X. 8) and (3 X 8) had the lowest values of SCA eVents for earlIness. Insignificant SCA effect was detected in seven crosses for plant height. Leaf area, six crosses had signicant]y positive SCA effect. EARLINESS, if found in corn, is t’avourable for escaping destruc tive injuries caused by Sesamia cretica Led, Ohio simplex and Pyrausta nubilalis Hb. Much efforts are devoted nowadays to increase its productivity through genetiacal improvement. To car ry out a successful breeding programme, the breeder should have enough knowledge about the type and relative amount of genetic variance components and their interactions by environments for the attribute in question.

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