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evaluation of some new synthetic varieties of maize
Authors: El - Hosary A.A. and Sedhom S.A.
Year: 1989
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These work was undertaken at the Agricultural Research Experimental Center of the Faculty of Agriculture, l4oshtohor to evaluate three new Synthetic varieties viz, Moshtohor-l, 2 and 3. These new varieties as well a two local ones, i.e., Nab El—Gamal and Cairo—I were evaluated under different nitxogen fertilization levels during the two Successive seasons 1986 and 1997. The differences among varieties were significant for all traits except for number of kernels per rowe Moahtohor-1 produced the highest grain yield per plant and outyjelded Nab Rl—Gamal, Cairo-i, Moshtohor—2 and 3 by 16.77%, 8.19%, 10.89% and 7.30%, respectively. Nitrogen f.rilization had significant effects on grain yield per plant and the best treatment was 90 kg N/taddan. Whereas, the other studiad traits were not signif i— canti.y affected by nitrogen treatments.

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