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Prof. Elsaid Mohamed Abdelaziz Shoieb :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
1) Analytical study for the reports of financial supervision of the Central Accounting Organization at the Governmental sector – Applied Study on Dekahlia governorate. msc
2) Accounting Measurement of the Social Responsibility by Application on Islamic Banks msc
3) The available main rules of imposing tax on general tax on sales – applied theoretical study. msc
4) An analytical study for the problems of tax check-up in the field of general tax on sales. msc
Accounting and tax problems (companies incorporation) applied study. msc
6) Complementary accounting introduction for facing the need for transfer to private ownership – applied study in Egypt. msc
7) The accounting framework for organizing and supporting resolutions for planning and investment supervision at Islamic Banks – applied study. msc
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