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Displaying of Ovarian Activities of Bitches by Utilizing Cytological Survey and Doppler Ultrasonography
Authors: Marwa, Y. , Gamal A. Sosa , Mostafa S. Fadel , Al Shimaa Al. H. H. El Naby , Mohsen A. Agag
Year: 2022
Keywords: Bitch, B-mode Ultra Sound, Doppler Ultra Sound, Vaginal cytology
Journal: benha veterinary medicine journal
Volume: 42
Issue: 1
Pages: Not Available
Publisher: Marwa Ahmed
Local/International: Local
Paper Link: Not Available
Full paper Not Available
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There are challenges when monitoring peri-ovulatory ovarian activity in domestic bitches which only ovulate once or twice a year. There is difficulty to distinguish between pre-ovulatory follicles and/or corpus luteum. As luteinization of follicles subsists before ovulation, follicles do not collapse after ovulation. Thus, the aim of the present study is to predict the exact day of ovulation. Twenty seven bitches were examined daily from onset of proestrus nearly to 5 days post ovulation by vaginal smear, real-time B-mode and Doppler ultrasonography. Ultrasound was conducted in both standing and lateral recumbency positions using microconvex and linear probes. Vaginal swabs were stained by DIFF QUICK stain. There was high cornification rate (90 %) of vaginal epithelium on Day 0(ovulation day). There was maximum follicular size (0.55 cm) at ovulation day. There was significant increase in ovarian blood perfusion at Day 0, 1. Maximum coloring seen two days at, after LH peak. We concluded that color Doppler ultrasound performed once daily was more accurate in predicting the preovulatory LH peak than B-mode ultrasound and vaginal cytology.

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