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Authors: Amany Ali Mahmoud Ali El-Abd1, Kamelia Fouad Abdalla2, Hanan Gaber Mohamed 3& Marwa Mosaad Ali
Year: 2019
Keywords: Essential hypertension, Foot reflexology, Blood pressure, Quality of Life
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Hypertension represents a major threat for millions of people around the world, it’s a cause for growing public health concern in most countries, a leading cause of death, disability and a highly health care cost, which must persuade all health authorities to cope with this challenge. Aim of the study: was to evaluate the effect of foot reflexology on blood pressure (BP) and quality of life(QOL) among patients with essential hypertension. Methods: A quasi-experimental design was used. Setting: the study was conducted at out-patient of cardiac, medical & neurological clinics at Benha University Hospital. Study subjects: A purposive sample of 60 patients with essential hypertension who attended the cardiac, medical & neurological outpatient clinics at Benha University Hospital within 6 months ago. They were divided into equal two groups, foot reflexology group (study) and control group. Tools: Three tools were used to collect data (1) Interview questionnaire sheet, (2) Patients' heart rate (HR) & BP measurement sheet & (3) Quality of Life Questionnaire. Results: the present study revealed that there was no significant difference between both groups in the 1st month of follow up visit pre-interventional period regarding complaint, HR, BP & QoL p>0.05 while become highly significant difference in the 2nd & 3rd months p

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