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Safety Training Program for Clinical Laboratory Workers Regarding Prevention of Occupational Hazards
Authors: Amina Abd Elrazek Mahmoud* , Samah Said Sabry
Year: 2019
Keywords: laboratory workers, occupational hazards, and laboratory safety
Journal: American Journal of Nursing Research
Volume: 7
Issue: No. 2,
Pages: 116-127
Publisher: Science and Education Publishing
Local/International: International
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Abstract The practices of safety measures by the clinical laboratory workers in hospitals are necessary for the prevention of occupational hazards. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of safety training program for laboratory workers' regarding prevention of occupational hazards. Design: A quasi-experimental design was used in carrying out this study. Setting: The study was conducted at four governmental hospitals in Benha City: - are Benha University Hospital, Benha Teaching Hospital, Health Insurance Hospital, and Fever Hospital which included clinical laboratory. The sample of this study included convenient laboratory workers (100) whom are working at four hospitals were participated in this study. Tools: 1- A structured interviewing questionnaire for the socio-demographic characteristics of the laboratory workers, and their knowledge regarding occupational hazards, 2- An observational checklist for safe laboratory environment and practices of laboratory workers regarding prevention of the occupational hazards. Results: Showed a significant positive effect of the program on knowledge and practices of the laboratory workers (P < 0.001). This study concluded that the program has positive effect to upgrade the laboratory workers' knowledge and improving their practices regarding prevention of occupational hazards (P < 0.001). The study recommended that regulatory training program should be strengthened to ensure basic lab safety practices in hospitals, and providing training courses for large number of hospitals laboratory workers about prevention of occupational hazards and safety environmental condition.

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