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Title Effect of Spirulina platensis and Azolla nilotica as feed additives on growth performance, antioxidant enzymes and fecundity of Oreochromis niloticus
Type MSc
Supervisors Adel shaheen, Amany abbass, Amel el asaly
Year 2018
Abstract This study was conducted in two experiments. Experiment 1 aimed to investigate the growth promoting and anti-oxidative effects of Azolla nilotica (AZN) and Spirulina platensis (SP) in Oreochromis niloticus. Seven fish groups (G1-G7), each in three replicates, were fed a basal diet (control), AZN 5%, AZN 10%, SP 0.5%, SP 1%, a mixture of Azolla nilotica 5% and Spirulina platensis 1% (AZN 5 %-SP 1% mix), and a mixture of Azolla nilotica 10% and Spirulina platensis 1% (AZN 10% - SP 1% mix), respectively, for 3 months. The results showed a significant increase in growth indices (weight gain, specific growth rate, average length gain, feed efficiency ratio), and a decrease in the feed conversion ratio in all supplemented groups compared to control. Hepato-somatic index in G4 and G5 groups, and intestinal-somatic index in G4 - G6, and in G5 and G6 were obviously higher than control. Spleno-somatic index and antioxidant enzymes (GSH-px, SOD and CAT) markedly increased in G5 and G6 compared to control. Significant increase (p
Keywords Antioxidant enzymes, Azolla nilotica, Growth parameters, Fecundity, Nile tilapia, Spirulina platensis
University benha
Country Egypt
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