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Dr. Amira Rafaat Saeed Ahmed :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
knowledge and practice of women with lower genital tract infections Completed
Professional nurses practical skills regarding women undergoing hysterectomy Completed
The relationship between sexual function and body mass index among infertile women Completed
The effect of educational guidelines regarding sexually transmitted diseases among male nursing students Completed
The effect of cabbage leaves on relief breast engorgement among postpartum women Completed
Effect of guidelines on maternity nurses skills regarding management of anesthetic complication after cesarean delivery In Progress
Knowledge and practices of maternity nurses regarding puerperal sepsis In Progress
Knowledge and attitude of late adolescent girls with irregular menstrual cycle regarding polycystic ovarian syndrome In Progress
Nurses’ knowledge and practical skills regarding management of pregnant women with cardiac diseases In Progress
Effect of (PLISSIT) counseling model on sexual function for women undergoing ovarian cancer’s treatment In Progress
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