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Prevalence and genetic detection of L. monocytogenes from milk and some milk products
Authors: Ashraf, A. Abd-El Tawab1;Fatma, I. El-Hofy1;Elham, A. Mobarez2; Nancy, Y. Tawkol
Year: 2018
Keywords: L. monocytogenes, Microgen TM Listeria-ID System, 16S rRNA
Journal: BVMJ
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Local/International: International
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A total of 200 random samples of fresh dairy milk (80), soft cheese (40), kariesh cheese (40) and ice cream (40) were collected from small retails and different shops at Kaliopia and Giza Governates during the period of October 2016 to January 2017 and transferred with minimum delay to laboratory for detection the presence of Listeria species.The bacteriological results revealed that, 5/200 (2.5%) were Listeria monocytogenes (L.monocytogenes) includes 3/80 (3.75 %) from raw milk, 1/40 (2.5%) from each kariesh cheese and ice cream samples and 0/40 (0%) from soft cheese. The results of MicrogenTM Listeria-ID System revealed that all isolates were L.monocytogenes (99.92%) .The PCR results for L. monocytogenes showed that all 16S rRNA were detected in five studied strains (100.0%) i.e., all studied strains were L. monocytogenes.

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