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Detection of vertical movement at mokattam area using prices leveling
Authors: Ashraf A M Ghonem; khaled m z Hassan; Ehab S Elden Salam
Year: 1998
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Volume: 57
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Pages: 151-165
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There are many problems have been arisen in Mokattam since 1955 up till now. These problems appeared clearly in the retreat of the edge of upper Mokattam plateau, damage of Cornich street and some constructions there. For this, a strong recommendations are proposed to observe these problems to know the reasons of these occurrences which may be related to the movement of the upper plateau. A geodetic network consists of 11 stations is designed and established at Mokattam area for monitoring the horizontal and vertical movement at this area. The horizontal movement is measured through the year of 1995. There is a strong recommendation to observe and measure the vertical movement. For this purpose, two leveling lines started from a fixed bench mark (lies outside the area under investigation) and passing through all stations. Three successive remeasurements have been carried out using the precise leveling technique. The measurements started at April 1997 to April 1998. The time interval between remeasurements has taken to be six months as coventioned for local areas. Each epoch of measurements has adjusted by least squares adjustment technique. The elevations of all stations obtained from an epoch have been compared with their corresponding values obtained from its next one to compute the vertical movement. The results of these comparisons indicate that there is no vertical movement at the lower and middle plateaus of Mokattam while there is a relatively large downward vertical movement at the edge of upper plateau reached to 4 centimeters through a year. There is no vertical movement at the other places of the upper plateau.

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