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Application of Using G.I.S and Remote Sensing Technology for Highway Route Selection
Authors: Ashraf A M ghoneim, ALY.A . R. elsharkawey, Ehab S Eldeen salam
Year: 1999
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: engineering research journal Helwan university faculty of engineering Mataria
Volume: 64
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 186-198
Publisher: Helwan university faculty of engineering Mataria
Local/International: Local
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Road transportation network development is considered one of the keys to raped modernization and development specially in most developing countries. One of the major problems establishing a road network is the excessive coast of the road construction . The possibility of using GIS to support highway location in practice show that a GIS can be used to generate and select feasible highway alignment. The study area is located in Dahab region south Sinai covered about 196 Km 2 The major of the land of this area is hilly rocks with mean streams and tributaries branching from it in all directions. Major mapping unites were defined from visual interpretation land satellite remote sensing images , aerial photographs , and topographic maps these data sources ,obviously and greatly improve the information available to road system planners . When these information's is stored a GIS database is created and a terrain elevation was then prepared . The main objective of this paper is to demonstrate the feasibility of using GIS and Remote Sensing technology in road planning through five alternative selections of route corridors which were identified according to the physical coordinates which were identified according to physical coordinates which affect on road choice . A route selection algorithm was implemented and interfaced using GIS program on personal computer to generate the cheapest and most direct route .

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