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Continuous Monitoring of the Horizontal Movement at Mokattam Using G.P.S
Authors: Ashraf A M Ghoneim,khaled m z Hossam , H A elsamary
Year: 2001
Keywords: Surveying
Journal: Engineering research jornal faculty of engeneering EL AZHA
Volume: 23
Issue: Not Available
Pages: 138-149
Publisher: EL AZHAR University
Local/International: Local
Paper Link: Not Available
Full paper Not Available
Supplementary materials Not Available

The representation of the third dimension (elevation) i.e. relief representation considered as an important problem facing the cartographers. This problem have to be solved. The main objective of this paper was to show the cartographic treatment of topographical relief using CAD systems (Computer Assisted Drawing). AutoCAD software package of version 12 have been used to achieve this objective. A DTM is created to use it as input data to produce perspective depiction for relief viewed from different directions. For this purpose, AutoLISP programming language have been used to design a small program could be used to recognize the produced DTM inside AutoCAD. A “fishnet” and hillshading are also created inside the AutoCAD. These “fishnet and hillshading are viewed from different directions. A combination from contours and hillshading of the same relief is created also. Then we can conclude that CAD systems have becomes an useful tool in the development of modern cartography.

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