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Effect of Nigella sativa oil on Schistosoma mansoni immature worms in experimentally infected mice.
Authors: Azza S. Al hamshary, Ibrahim M. Nagati, Maysa A. Eraky, Eman A. Abou-Ouf, Asmaa A. Kholy and Ghada H. Omar
Year: 2018
Keywords: Nigella sativa oil, Schistosoma mansoni, immature worms.
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Background: Nigella sativa oil is one of the promising drugs of a plant origin that have an antischistosomal effect. Aims: The aim of the present work is to explore the role of Nigella sativa oil either alone or in combination with praziquantel on immature worms of schistosoma mansoni. Settings and Design: The study included 6 groups of mice: a) Non-infected non-treated, b) Infected non-treated, c) Prophylactic Nigella sativa oil group, d) Praziquantel group e) Therapeutic Nigella sativa oil group and d) Combined group. All mice scarificed 4 weeks post infection. The anti-schistosomal effect of Nigella sativa oil was assessed by worm burden, histopathology and scanning electron microscopy. Material and Methods: Nigella sativa oil capsules dissolved in corn oil were indicated to S. mansoni infected mice aiming to study its therapeutic and prophylactic effect. Statistical analysis used: Student's t-test. Results: Therapeutic Nigella sativa oil group had the highest significant decrease on mean number of immature worm burden (R% was 57%) when given post infection followed by the combined group (R% was 55.67%), While prophylactic Nigella sativa oil group showed nonsignificant decrease as (R% was 37%). The least changes were observed in praziquantel group as (R% was 0%). Conclusions: Nigella sativa oil has a potent effect on immature S. mansoni which could be helpful for potentiating praziquantel effect and thus reducing development of resistance.

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