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Assessment of the Automatic digital surface model from digital aerial camera and from LIDAR data
Authors: Ayman El-Shehaby(a) and Lamyaa Gamal El-Deen(b)
Year: 2018
Keywords: LIDAR- Digital photogrammetric camera – digital surface model (DSM)-Digital photogrammetry- Matching
Journal: Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences
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Publisher: AENSI
Local/International: International
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Until recently, the collection of high quality digital surface models was assigned to the use of airborne lidar. The advent of very high resolution digital airborne camera capable of producing stereo images led to a new era in extracting digital Surface model. The aim of the research is to evaluate the potential of digital photogrammetric aerial camera and Airborne lidar for the generation of digital surface. The first part of the paper is focused on DSM production from digital photogrammetric aerial camera. The second one is concerned with the airborne lidar DSM production. Firstly, image orientation, AT have been performed. Then automatic digital surface model DSM generation from digital aerial camera has been performed. Leica Photogrammetric Suite (LPS) module of Erdsa Imagine 2014 software was utilized for processing. Then the resulted DSM from both techniques were compared.DSM was generated from LIDAR las point cloud using lastools. The results show that automatic digital surface model DSM that been produced from digital aerial camera has very high dense photogrammetric 3D point clouds compared to the LIDAR 3D point clouds. It was found that the DSM produced from LIDAR is better accuracy than the DSM produced from digital aerial camera.

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