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Integrating Remote Sensing & GIS: Application for Supporting Petroleum Sector
Authors: Dr. El-Shehaby Ayman, Dr. Sorour Gamal A. Amasha, Mr. Ali A. Omasha
Year: 2004
Keywords: GIS, Remote Sensing
Journal: Eng. Research Journal, Shoubra Faculty of Engineering. Zagazig University. Benha Branch.
Volume: 1
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Local/International: Local
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This research paper is prepared to build the digital base map for the resources management of petroleum sector to support decision-makers for high quality strategies and further developmental plans. The digital base maps will be produced in different scales to help all level of management and different users by using the latest technologies of land survey and digital photo-grammetry. The quality of the produced data will meet the requirements of the petroleum sector in all levels as governmental, ministerial, companies, fuel stations and further the users of the petroleum products. The system will use the more accurate and high-resolution data to be processed with the specific GIS and image processing software packages. The expected multi final products are be varied from the hardcopy map book for the project area to the digital form of the data layers that should be explore through customized Geographic Menu Interface develop for the end user. The extra form to navigate, update and get more information about the project data via WEB site develops to execute the application through intra- Internet capabilities.

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