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The effect of using metres lame of the melodic and harmonic in yanni's workes
Authors: Ayman Youssif Alli Hassan El-Shamy
Year: 2013
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The effect of using metres lame of the melodic and harmonic in yanni's workes There is no doubt that most of the time it takes to hear the music , go to the golden ages of music is serious stage classical , romantic and baroque and earlier , until it became a word classical music does not exceed the graph from Monteverde to Mahler . However, recent years have awakened stability Valasghae to the wave of new classical music and follow-up names that appear from time to time , and digging in the years of the twentieth century or private journals musical follow- cash , highly motivated and publishing houses . It has become the phenomenon of new sounds and modern music more like resorts recuperate and re Activity You 're here inundate the means and methods of expression unfamiliar, trying to reach corners in unfamiliar self and also new . This is not a new music based cacophony and clamor and noise as the phenomena of the era not only inescapable , there is on the contrary sees the need to confront this cacophony harmony , or defeat first with second , to be together in order to show the contrast the amount of depth in both. Of those present author of Yanni (Yanni) a Greek origin U.S. nationality Born in Greece in the city of Kalamata , the Mediterranean coast , born November 14, 1954 , began playing the piano is in the eight - year - old refused to take any lessons in playing . In 1972 , encouraged by his parents to leave his homeland to attend the University of Minnesota in the United States to study psychology and during the period of study, with the participation of a rock band played called Kamilaon , and began to develop his own musical style a piano and Aleorg the user to invent new sounds . Jianye has graduated from the university in 1979 and after graduation he decided to give music all his time and effort for a full year . He wanted to mean life in music, although it does not read musical notation has a thousand acts of complete Category defying music . Came his compositions for piano more Astsagh from other authors, contemporary and shares which in resolving difficult equation between heritage and innovation came incorporating elements of melodic to the songs Greek heritage bus Bachleat which tend to style theories crossing for Music Roll the Mediterranean as well as being able to subdue formulated musical technologies Azfah for piano commensurate with contemporary trends to the music of the Koran century, and has been described as a harmonious Ktnagm colors of the rainbow on the horizon, the moment of sunset, as it came to describe the nature of the cover impression where similar impression of the child when listening to the stories of fictional before immortality to sleep. Love Yanni dabbled in jazz difference young Kaaaszew to the rock and roll music Rock Roll in the United States of America said that known for Kaaaszew , author of contemporary music . Yanni embraced philosophical ideas of the Chinese writer " Konfin of Chios Confu cius" that music Jewels humanitarian and women that reflect the state of society and the was Yanni believer that the human race he could tune together Ktnagm the musical melodies of the system melodic despite the prevailing conflicts and unrest throughout the world. Books Yanni classified as literature is not an easy performance depends on the show the versatility instrumentalist in performative expression and the extent to his skills Technique on the machine through an intermediate time within the panel which her ​​instrumentalist Bartjalat her link melodic fabric of author. So I think the researcher on the subject of this research to identify the method of " Yanni " yanni " in music composition in general and the impact of use lame balances on melodic phrases and Harmoney and how to eat an author belongs to the modern era .. The research includes four chapters: The first chapter and includes: First Topic: Introduction - research problem - Research objectives - the importance of research - research questions - Sample Search - Research Methodology - search tools - search terms. The second topic: Previous studies related to your search. Chapter II: Conceptual Framework: The researcher addressed in this chapter the concepts associated with the subject matter was divided into four second chapter topics: First topic : Ages musical evolution of music. The second topic : Biography of Yanni. The third topic : Orchestra Chapter III: The practical framework: The researcher has to conduct a study of analytical and descriptive research sample Marching Season Yanni, addressed by theoretical analysis and harmonic. Chapter IV: Results of research and interpretation: In this chapter, the researcher presented the results of research and interpretation which is divided into three parts: . Recommendations Researcher recommended the following: To benefit from the works of Yanni into the curricula of graduate studies to clarify the musical formulas in authoring and changes thereto. The need to learn how to use scales lame when "Yani " in his other works to create the form in his approach in dealing with musical scales. the need to link the scientific material that is considering the requirement of the scientific life sciences graduate musical solving the crisis of the time gap between the academic and scientific life.

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