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Prof. Ezzat Farag Awad El-Khayat :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Ecological and biological studies on citrus leaf miner and control it with safe methods Completed
Ecological studies on certain onion insect pests Completed
Using some plant extracts and their mixtures with pesticides to control cotton pests Completed
Effect of some Agricultural treatments on certain insect pests which attack corn in Egypt Completed
Effect of Host species and the kind of food on two Trichogramma sp Completed
Studies on principal insect pests attacking common bean in the field Completed
Studies on certain cow pea pests Completed
Studies on certain insects attacking potatoes in Behera Governorate Completed
Effect of Gamma radiation and plant extracts on Black cut worms Completed
Biological and Histological studies on cereal moths Completed
Effect of aphid species and its host plants on the feeding capacity of some aphid predators Completed
Efficiency and performance of certain formulations of Botanical pesticides against some insect pests Completed
Studies on pesticides residues on vegetable crops Completed
Compartive physiological studies on cotton leaf worm Completed
Studies on some mite species infesting certain field crops in Sharkia Governorate Completed
Comparative study on Mosquito culex pipislin in field and laboratory Completed
Effect of some agricultural practices on bean infection with insect pests Completed
Ecological studies on leaf minor infecting some legume plants Completed
Evaluation of some pesticides and their alternatives to control the peach fruit fly Bactorocera zonat Completed
Efficacy of some bio agents in comparison to traditional insecticides in controlling pink bollworm Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders In Progress
Evaluation of some methods to control insect pests attacking (corn zea mays)crop In Progress
Ecological studies on certain piercing mouth parts insects attacking leguminous vegetables in Qalubia Governorate In Progress
Biology of some coccinellidae insects by rearing on different diets In Progress
Studies on leaf happer and aphid speices on cotton plants In Progress
Field studies on the Mediterranean fruit, Ceratitis capitata (Wied) and peach fruit fly, Bactorocera Zonata ( Saund) (Diptera: Tephritidae) and their control in sharqia Governorate In Progress
Effect of potatoes storage methods (Phthorimaea operculella In Progress
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