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Prof. Dr Aziz Abdul-Aziz Qandeel :: Supervised PhD:

Title In progress/Completed
1) The effectiveness of e-program suggested for safety and professional health for developing preventive awareness and dangerous behavior modification of industrial secondary school students. Completed
2) The effectiveness of internet-based program in developing the practical skills of architecture technology among the of industrial secondary school students Completed
3) The effectiveness of using geometric construction approach in developing some mathematical communication skills among preparatory stage students Completed
8) A Suggested Program for Developing the Linguistic Performance Skills of Non-Specialist Students Teachers in Arabic Language at faculties of Education Completed
16) Evaluation of the Literary Texts Curriculum for the Second Year (Secondary Stage) in the Light of the Elementary of the Literary Appreciation Completed
37) The Effect of Teaching A Suggested Program in Environmental Education by the Investigative Field Method among Faculty of Education Student Teachers Biology Section on Developing Their Environmental Attitudes and Concepts as Well as Their Students at Completed
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