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Dr. Basem Mamdoh Hagag AbdelAziz ElHalawany

Academic Position: Asst. Professor

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Faculty: Engineering, Shoubra

Department: Electrical Engineering


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Mobile: +201007358981

Scientific Name: Basem M. ElHalawany

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Two Papers are Accepted for Publication at GLOBCOM 2018 [2018-07-18]
The following two Papers are accepted for publication at GLOBCOM 2018 at UAE: 1- Performance of Cooperative NOMA Systems under Passive Eavesdropping 2- Physical-Layer Security of NOMA Systems under Untrusted Usersmore

Research Interests

Wireless Communication, Relaying Protocols, Analog Network Coding (ANC), MIMO, Device-to-Device (D2D) Communication, RF Energy Harvesting, Heterogeneous Networks, Mobile Robots, Robot Vision, Image processing.

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