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Dr. Khalid abd elaziz Mohamed Ibrahem :: Experience:

  • 1. consultant of high pregnancy unit .instructor of the unit and the author of the protocols of high risk pregnancy 2. Gynecology : I have gained experience in caring for emergency gynecology admissions, elective procedures and postoperative care. I am trained in patient counseling for medical and surgical management of different gynecological disorders and contraception. I have gained experience in different gynecological surgical procedures in addition to diagnostic and operative Minimal Access procedures. Highly experienced in doing major gynaecological operations e.g hysterectomy,myomectomy,ovarian lesions, laparoscopy,hysteroscopy…etc 3. Ultrasound: I have basic experience in Obstetric Ultrasound including fetal biometry, and early pregnancy assessment. I have gained advanced experience in use of ultrasound for obstetric fetal anomaly scan, 3D US, Doppler US, antenatal diagnostic procedure, different gynecological US diagnosis. 4. IT skills during my research projects, I have learned different aspects of IT skills including Word processing, Excel, Power-Point Presentation software, basic statistical analysis. In addition I have gained experience in literature search using the Cochrane library, and different Med-line search web sites. 5. Communication Skills During my clinical, social and research activities I have interacted with a wide range of people from diverse cultures. My reports from my supervisors, colleagues and patients emphasizes that my communication skills are satisfactory. 6. Teaching I am involved in undergraduate student tutorials, ward round teaching and training in clinics and operating sessions as well as labor ward emergencies in Banha OB/GYN department. 7. Obstetrics: I have developed experience in covering the delivery suite as a first, second and third on call, have evaluated priorities and allocated efficiently different members of the team at the standards needed to cover the busy units I have been working in university hospital (10000 delivers per year). I have gained experience in following high-risk pregnancies being involved as part of the complicated care team in medical antenatal clinics at Banha University tertiary referral hospital.
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