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Prof. Ghazy mohamed rateb Assassa :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
Extreme Programming in Educational Environment, 2003-2004 Completed
Development of a software tool for Autistic children, 2003-2004 Completed
Steganalysis: Improving the F5 Algorithm, 2004-2005 Completed
Object Oriented Metrics, 2004-2005 Completed
Work Flow Management, 2004-2005 Completed
Software Cost Estimation, 2004-2005 Completed
Automated Testing, 2005-2006 Completed
Component Based Development, 2005-2006 Completed
Steganography: Experiments with Outguess Algorithm, 2005-2006 Completed
Stress Testing, 2006-2007 Completed
Automated Testing in Software Education, 2006-2007 Completed
Face Recognition Systems using Neural Networks, 2007-2008 Completed
Risk Management in Extreme Programming, 2007-2008 Completed
RFID Mass Detection, 2007-2008 Completed
Text Steganography for Arabic carriers, 2008-2009 Completed
Face Recognition using PCA, LDA, SVM techniques, 2008-2009 Completed
Software Quality using Balanced Score Cards and 6 Sigma, 2008-2009 Completed
Text Steganography, 2008-2009 Completed
Electronic "Tadawol" system in KSA Financial Market, 2008-2009 Completed
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