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Dr. Solaiman Ragab SayedAhmad Mohamad ElSheikh

Personal Data
Name(Ar): دُكْـتُـور/ سُــلَـيِّـمَان رَجَـب سَــيِّدْأَحَمَـد الشَّــيْخُ
Faculty of Education
Department of Mental Health
Academic degree: PhD
Major Speciality: Mental Health - Special Education
Minor Speciality: CBT,Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - SLD, Specific Learning Disabilities, ADHD, OCD, Giftedness
Current Position: Lecturer
job Status: On the job
Office address: Al_Qalubyia_Benha_Egypt
Mobile 1: 00966540459094
Mobile 2: 00966562721951
Work phone: 0133227523
Fax: 0020133036306
Alt. e-mail:
Alternative web:
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