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A Compact Triple Band Notch Reconfigurable Antenna for UWB Applications
Authors: Ahmed Samir1,3 , Ahmed Magdy2 , Ebtsam omar3 , Hala M. Abd El Kader 3 and, Ahmed Fawzy4*
Year: 2021
Keywords: Ultra wideband(UWB) antenna, Ushaped slot, Frequency-band reconfigurable, Triple notch
Volume: 16
Issue: 1
Pages: 73-84
Publisher: IJMOT
Local/International: International
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In this paper, a novel design for compact frequency reconfigurable triple slot antenna based on rejected triple band stop functions is demonstrated. An Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) antenna is designed to operate from 3.3 to 12 GHz and printed on a (30 mm × 35 mm) FR4 substrate with permittivity of 4.4 and a thickness of 1.6 mm and also printed on a Rogers4003C substrate with permittivity of 3.38 and a thickness of 1.524 mm. The antenna comprises an inverted double U-slot and an H-Slot on a metallic patch and U-Slot in the feedline to exhibit a triple band-notch functions for the WiMAX band (3.2-3.7 GHz), WLAN-band (5.2-6.3 GHz) and C-band (9-10.8 GHz). To generate a reconfigurable band-stop antenna, the multi Strips (0.4mm×0.5 mm) within the embedded structures are used in the patch plane and feedline. By changing the ON/OFF conditions of the Strips, the antenna can operate in single, dual, and triple-band mode. HFSS simulator program is used to design and simulate results for the proposed antenna. The simulated bandwidth with return loss < -10 dB is (3-12) GHz. The proposed antenna is fabricated and measured. The Simulated and experimental results are compared and found to be in good agreement.

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