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The role of BPO in the reduction of loss In costs in view of the use of Lean accounting
Authors: Eid Mahmoud
Year: 2012
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Improved performance has become under the concept of global excellence, meant to improve everything necessary from the viewpoint of customers represented in quality, service, flexibility, cost, to be different from other undertakings in a manner, and so that management established to achieve this, you must be understanding, analysis and improvement its operations in order to achieve improved performance so that it can deliver value to customers who achieve high profitability, also contributes to the achievement of cost control. And has many facilities to adopt modern methods such as management of Total Quality Total Quality Management (TQM) and standard best performance currently available, and continuous improvement Continuous Improvement, and appeared several entrances to improve the performance of operations, but those entrances benefit has become the subject of controversy, in measuring the extent of its ability to provide information appropriate to meet the needs of enterprises, customers and measure their impact on improving the operating performance of the facilities. And it can be said that the competitive advantage of support became the deciding factor in decisions concerning the adoption of the entrance without another or concept without the other, or the style without the other, so many of the installations have tended in this context to the application of the entrance, who heads according to customer needs (Customization) where they are focus on quality and flexibility in offering new products commensurate with the desires and tastes of customers, and the time to respond to those desires basis. So can the researcher to clarify the research problem through the following points group: - 1. The emergence of a range of problems affecting the industrial and service enterprises the ability to adopt an appropriate entrance depends on the wishes and requests of the customers, and then to achieve several goals, such as earning customer satisfaction, and increase market share, and improve the competitive situation, and maximize the profitability of production, and the elimination of bottlenecks and constraints, and achieve seamless flow of production and marketing activities. 2. Non-use of facilities and suppliers specialize in certain types of procurement and manufacturing processes and information and communication technology, manufacturing, and human resources for Lastvadh their expertise and excellence and specialization at a lower cost and higher quality and a good time. 3. The failure of some methods used in installations in the management and resolution of some of the current and projected activities for some bottlenecks, leading to the inability of the administration to take appropriate that help to rationalize costs decisions, and then the optimum utilization of the limited resources available. 4. determine the value of the customer's perspective, the examination of that value from a customer perspective is the basis for the design of products, in terms of identifying all the characteristics and specifications, activities and operations, and is providing value from the customer's perspective the strategic dimension of the accounting rationalize losses. 5. rid of the operations and activities is necessary, and then helps reduce waste types largely on the production of distinctive, high quality products, on time, The disposal of waste or reduced operational dimension of the rationalization of lean accounting .

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