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Otralatjahat modern cost management on the effectiveness of the management accounting" A field study"
Authors: Eid Mahmoud
Year: 2016
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No longer function management accounting is limited to providing the necessary information on the internal performance of the facility , which is to provide information that covers the needs of internal users of accounting information , and intended them all working in different administrative levels in the facility in order to assist management in the planning of operations in the short-term and long-term control over the results operations and decision-making , but rather evolved Jobs Accounting Administrative add to the foregoing the need to focus on the external work to provide information to external users of activity in addition to internal users , and thus became a managerial accounting is concerned with providing information relating to market finished products and address details of customers , products and competitors , meaning that characteristic of the Accounting Administrative now is to interact with the Initiative marketing in order to achieve competitive advantage target of the facility , have also become managerial Accounting includes ideas and concepts derived from the results of a combination of methods cost associated with managing the cost and management of marketing , such as the analysis of the position of competitors , cost accounting standards , cost accounting target , Accounting for the cost of the life cycle of products , cost accounting activities, 0000 , etc., and take advantage of these methods of information analysis of product specifications and information analysis of the life cycle of the product and the information value chain analysis in search of the accounting system management that achieves real support of competitive advantage as well as the support of the position of the strategic facility , by focusing on the following areas : -  formulation or the formation of a strategy created to support test and analyze the strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities and challenges ( analysis of the internal performance of the facility ) .  understand the nature of the tremendous development of information technology and improve the means of communication and the flow of information industry and high characteristics and the importance of information ( analysis of information technology ) .  understand the strategy , key competitors, identify their strengths and weaknesses and the opportunities available to them and the challenges they face, and sometimes their intentions strategy ( analysis of competitors ) .  a deeper understanding of the position of key customers and their needs, present and future ( customer analysis ) .

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