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Effect of Intervention Guidelines on Enhanced Postpartum Recovery after Cesarean Section
Authors: 1*,Rehab SolimanAbdEl Aliem, 2.ElhamAbozied Ramadan
Year: 2018
Keywords: Intervention guideline, Caesarean section, postpartum recovery.
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Publisher: ElhamAbozied Ramadan
Local/International: International
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Having a good intervention guideline based on women's needs enhances women's recovery, so when being immediate and effective, the recovery after the caesarean section is faster and reduces the health problems that occur during the postpartum period. The Aim:of the present study was to evaluate the effect of an intervention guideline on enhanced postpartum recovery after caesarean section. Design: A quasi-experimental (comparative group) design was utilized to accomplish the aim of the study. Sample:A purposive sample of 100 women after a caesarean section included in the present study. Setting: The present study conducted at the postnatal ward and outpatient clinic in Obstetrics &Gynaecological Department at Benha University Hospital. Tools: Three tools used in this study. They were structured interviewing questionnaire sheet, Indicators of enhanced postpartum recovery sheet and reported practice scale. The results of the study signify enhanced recovery after caesarean section asthere was statistically different between both groups regarding total immediate postpartum recovery indicators (p

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