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Effect of Simulation on Maternity Nurses’ Knowledge, Practice and Self-efficacy During Management of Eclamptic Fits
Authors: Samah Abd Elhaliem Said1, Elham Abozied Ramadan Saied2, Hanan Amin Ali Gaafar2, Amira A. El-Houfey3
Year: 2021
Keywords: Not Available
Journal: International Journal of Nursing Education,
Volume: 13
Issue: 1
Pages: Not Available
Publisher: Elham Abozied Ramadan
Local/International: Local
Paper Link: Not Available
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Supplementary materials Elham Aabozied Ramadan_seventh.pdf

Simulation-based nursing education is an increasingly and wide-spread preferred educational approach. It offers opportunities to acquire clinical skills and decision-making through various situational experiences. Aim: Evaluation of simulation effects on maternity nurses’ knowledge, practice and self-efficacy during management of eclamptic fits. Design: A quasi experimental design was utilized. Setting: The study done in Obstetrics and Gynecology Department of Benha Teaching Hospital. Samples: A convenient samples include 40 nurses. Tools: Data collecting by using 3 tools: A Structured self-administered questionnaire, observational checklists and self-efficacy scale. Results: A highly significant difference among pre-intervention and immediate post-intervention and 8 weeks’ post-intervention regarding knowledge, practices and self-efficacy of nurses concerning management of eclamptic fits. Conclusion: Simulation-based training is effective training approach that enhances maternity nurses’ knowledge, practice and also increases their self-efficacy regarding management of eclamptic fits. Recommendations: All maternity nurses in different settings should attend regular simulation-based and refreshing courses to improve their knowledge, practice and self-efficacy

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