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Activating The automated System of The Egyption Universites,s Libraries: Analytical and Modification Study
Authors: Eman Ahmed Taha
Year: 2016
Keywords: The automated System
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This study aims to study the activation of the integrated automated system used in universities libraries in both private and governments sectors through analysis and evaluation the implementation of these systems through operating Also it aims to recognize the impact of using the systems on the libraries subject of study. Also satisfaction the employees and beneficiaries from the activation of using these systems and what are the obstacles they face while using the automated systems leading to reluctance to use them. The study rely on derend on field survey resarsh methiod that has adescriptive analytical nature the study conseder the description analytical and evaluation through activating the automated systems applicable and to find out the extent of statisfaction of the employees of automated system used Also recognizing The automated using of The benefeciories. This study has been joined in a series of chapters, preceded by an introduction and followed by a conclusion as follows Chapter One: automated systems in libraries concept, stages of its creation and its applications Chapter II: integrated systems mechanism in the study sample of university libraries Chapter III: assessment and analysis of automated systems used in university libraries Chapter IV: Using the integrated automated system by the specialist libraries Chapter V: Using the Integrated Automated System on the part of beneficiaries university libraries Chapter VI: Development of the automated systems universities,s libraries subject of study This Study Reached To Many Results 1-Through the field study results indicated that the most prominent obstacles to the use of automated systems to libraries is the lack of availability of sufficient computing devices, and network slowdowns and need some beneficiaries to training on the automated system, in addition to the continuation of manual labor or the use of paper records and lack of contraction after the using mechanization in Banha University libraries. 2. The most prominent proposals Regarding on activating the use of automated systems more efficiently and effectively is to develop automated systems currently used in libraries and reep always updated, and activate third-party subsystems that not activated in addition the provision of computers and access points for the Internet. 3-The most important causes of not using the automated systems from the side of beneficiaries focused on lake of Knowledge of the existence of integrated automated system used in the libraries and the existence of integrated auto mated system used in The libraries and the beneficiories are not familiar with using this system Also The great number of users comparing to the number of computers available more ever the lack of training on using The system and lack of printed instructions for the use of automated system.

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