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Walter Benjamin as a Marxist Literary Critic
Authors: Eman Kash-Koush
Year: 2008
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This thesis discusses one of the most important Marxist critics in the twentieth century, Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) who had an influential role in developing the Marxist critical theory. He is the first Marxist critic who could benefit from the modern technological developments of the modern age to produce a revolutionary awareness of the working class. This is through his theory of the mechanical reproduction of the work of art. Benjamin is considered as one of the most argumentative Marxist critics where some critics considered his Marxism as a passing interest in his life while some other critics considered him as a Marxist. That is why the main objective of this thesis is to argue that Benjamin is a Marxist critic and that his Marxism was not just a passing interest in his life but rather a deep belief in Marxist principles. To accomplish this objective, the thesis has adopted an analytical/ theoretical method through concentrating on the three main phases of Benjamin's development as a Marxist critic: dialectical images, mass production and the mixture of Marxist and theological ideas.

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