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Psycho-educational Program on Psychological Status of Patients with Coronary Heart Disease
Authors: *Mona Mohammed Abdel Aziz Barakat, **Faten Mohamed Ahmed Wafa
Year: 2018
Keywords: Psycho-educational, Program, psychological status, Coronary heart disease
Journal: IOSR Journal of Nursing a nd Health Science (IOSR-JNHS)
Volume: 7
Issue: 6
Pages: 2320–1940
Publisher: Faten Mohamed Ahmed Wafa
Local/International: International
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Full paper Faten Mohamed Ahmed_fourth.pdf
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Psychological symptoms are strongly associated with coronary heart disease. Depression, anxiety, stress, anger, somatic symptoms and social isolation are the most common psychological distress disorders related to coronary heart disease. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effects of psycho-education program on psychological status of patients with coronary heart disease. A quasi-experimental design (one group pre test post test design) was utilized to achieve the aim of the study. The study was conducted at coronary care unit (CCU) in Benha university hospital in Benha City, Kaluobia Governorate. A convenience sample of a total 40 patients with coronary heart disease from both sexes who are hospitalized in the coronary care unit (CCU).Two tools for data collection were used. Tool (1):- Structured Interview Questionnaire to elicit information about socio-demographic and clinical characteristics Tool (2):- Goldberg’s GeneralHealth Questionnaire (GHQ).The results of this study reveals thatthe total means of overall GHQ scores were a highly statistical significantly decreased post program(44.3500±7.48862) comparing to pre program(84.7750±9.95757)at p-value= (< 0.001). Based on the result of this study it was concluded that psycho-educational program is the key element for improvement of psychological statusof patients with coronary heart disease. so, it is recommended to application of psycho-educational program for all patient with coronary heart disease.Further studies are suggested, with greater sample sizes and longer follow-up periods at different time-intervals.

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