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Prof. Faten Shafik Mahmoud Nasaar :: Supervised MSc:

Title In progress/Completed
nurses perception and practice of using physical restraints among hospitalized children during invasive procedures Completed
the effect of the application of the fundamentals of infection control to reduce nosocomial infections in premature unit Completed
assessment of mothers knowledge and attitudes towards their children suffering from hearing impairment Completed
quality of nursing care for high risk neonate receiving nasogastric tube feeding Completed
the effect of phototherapy on lifestyle of preterm infant with jaundice Completed
massage therapy guidelines for nurses regarding improving weight of preterm neonates Completed
effect of distraction on minimizing pain for children with cancer undergoing venipuncure Completed
the effect of non nutritive sucking on reducing the pain of infant during immunization Completed
mothers knowledge practice regarding care of their children suffering from rheumatic fever Completed
maternal knowledge and attitude toward their children with nocturnal enuresis Completed
quality of nursing performance regarding infection control for children undergoing chemotherapy Completed
the quality of nursing care for newborns who means of tasor between the trachea and esophagus before and after operation Completed
quality of nursing care for neonates with respiratory distress syndrome Completed
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