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Indicative Model of Urban Quality of Life Indicators
Authors: F Mahmoud F, a Awaad G
Year: 2021
Keywords: Urban Quality of Life
Journal: Al-Azhar University Engineering Sector
Volume: 16
Issue: 61
Pages: 1418-1435
Publisher: fouad mahmoud
Local/International: Local
Paper Link:
Full paper Fouad Mahmoud Fouad Mohammed Ali_AUEJ_Volume 16_Issue 61_Pages 1418-1435.pdf
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At the beginning of the twenty-first century, we can glimpse several modern global challenges that emphasize the importance of attention that focuses largely on the human dimension, as achieving the vision of creating cities full of life, security, safety, sustainability and health has become an urgent matter, and this is of course the case in the Egyptian case, In the same context, the Egyptian state has embarked on the establishment of the fourth generation of cities after we have three generations of existing cities, in an effort to provide a decent, safe and secure life for all members of society, as the housing problem is not a quantitative problem, but a quality problem. A shelter where they can live but want an environment that meets their needs and aspirations for the future. The quality of life studies have become the focus of attention of urban planners and designers when creating/improving (new/existing) residential communities alike. The aim of the research paper is to scrutinize and define the term quality of life and its dimensions in the urban environment, as well as formulating a model for indicators of quality of life in urban environments. , through the analysis of three theses of the global experiences of urban theorists in this regard, which sought to provide a quality of life for community members in the urban environment, and is a useful guide for participants in the design process / policy makers in urban affairs.

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