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Use efficiency of mineral and organic nitrogen in six maize genotypes. Annals of Agric. Sci., Moshtohor, 47 (3):199-213.
Authors: Shafshak, S. E.; G. Y. Hammam; S. A. S. Mehasen and S. Aish
Year: 2009
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Field experiments were carried out at the Agric. Res. and Experim. Cent., Fac. Agric., Moshtohor, Banha Univ. in 2005 and 2006 seasons to study the performance of 6 maize cultivars: S.C. 3084 (yellow kernels), S.C. 30K8, T.W.C. 323, D.C. Dahab (yellow kernels), Giza 2 (synthetic) and Nab El-Gamel (open pollinated) as local cv. in Moshtohor under 7 N rates, concerning their grain yield potentiality, N uptake, NUE and N recovery %. Comparison of mineral N versus mineral + Organic N was considered. Fertilizer rates were: control, 60 kg N fed-1, 90 kg N fed-1, 120 kg N fed-1, 40 kg N + 20 t FYM fed-1, 60 kg N + 30 t FYM fed-1 and 80 kg N + 40 t FYM fed-1. Results showed that the 2 single crosses were superior in grain yield followed by D.C. Dahab then T.W.C. 323 and the composite varity followed by Nab El-Gamel. Nab El-Gamel and D.C. Dahab contained greater N% in grain. The single crosses as well as D.C. Dahab recorded higher N uptake, NUE and NR % and Giza2 and Nab El-Gamel recorded the lowest values. The increase in N rates significantly increased grain yield fed-1, total N% in grain, NUE and N recovery %. The greatest values of these traits were produced from applying 80 kg N+40t FYM fed-1. The results showed that combining mineral and organic N should bring great advantages and will reduce soil and plant pollution. Also single maize crosses should cover maize area.

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