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Adaptive Control of Shunt Active Power Filter Using Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Controller
Authors: G. M. Sarhan A. A. Elkousy A. A. Hagras and Sh. M. Saad
Year: 2010
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This paper proposes new adaptive control technique for three phase shunt active power filter (SAPF) using interval type-2 fuzzy logic controller. The synchronous reference frame (SRF) is chosen to compare the performance of the active filter using PI controller, type-1 fuzzy and Interval type-2 fuzzy controllers (IT2FC). Design procedure of the IT2FC is explored in detail. An efficient type reduction method called as Nie-Tan method is used instead of the most commonly used methods which gives closed form expression and reduces the computing power needed to implement time reduction. We apply the interval type-2 fuzzy controller to control the line currents, output DC voltage and also to reduce the influence of parameter uncertainty. Simulation results clearly show that the proposed controller has a good performance and robust to the parameter uncertainties compared with other nonlinear strategies.

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