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Prof. Gamal Abdel - Raheem Mohamed Sosa :: Committees details:

Committee Year
Membership of Friendly day Committee, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Moshtohor, Benha University . 2002
Leader of El-Amal Student Family, The Ideal Faculty Family 1998
Membership of The society development committee and the environment affair 1997
Leader of RAA Student Family, The Ideal University Family . 1997
Membership of The committee of institutions and laboratories 1996
Participation in The veterinarian day of amid the delta 1996
Membership of Council of Theriogenology Department 1994
Membership of The libraries committee 1994
Supervision of Student Summer Training 1994
Supervisor of Theriogenology clinics for graduated students in animal care centers in Kaliobi 1994
Membership of Faculty Council 0
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