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''Studies on Lumpy Skin Disease Virus''
Authors: Gehad Hossam ELdein Mohamed Elkady,Prof. Dr. Gabr Fikry El-Bagoury,Dr. Ehab Mostafa El-Nahas Mohamed,Dr. Ayman Saeed Emam El-habbak
Year: 2016
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Between 2013 -2014, outbreaks of LSDV were reported in Qaliubiya province, where animals suffered from severe signs differ from the previous outbreaks such as suffocation and deaths. This thesis presents the first investigation that the LSDV changes its biological properties and also its molecular properties. The general objective of the pilot study was to study the biological and molecular characteristic of recent isolate of LSDV. Trial for isolation and identification of LSDV was carried out using SPF-fertile ECE and MDBK cell line, which show new signs on inoculated egg, such as edema and hemorrhage, with hepatomegaly and bloody liver of embryo, hemorrhagic and slight heart hypertrophy in addition to pock lesion on CAM in the form of white line. Moreover cell rounding and clustering on MDBK cells. The presence of virus confirmed by non-serological techniques, such as TEM, where the virus appeared as rounded shape with inclusion bodies, histopathological examination, where intracytoplasmic inclusion bodies appeared, and hemagglutination technique where button shape appeared, serological technique, such as IFAT, where intracytoplasmic apple green fluorescence emission appered and molecular identification, such as conventional PCR, cycle sequencing, gene alignment and phylogenetic analysis of target gene confirmed the success isolation of LSDV.

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